Budweiser Brings Back Harry Caray Ad After Cubs Win

One of the biggest shames of it taking the Chicago Cubs so long to win a World Series is that the team’s iconic announcer, Harry Caray was not around to see it.

But while Caray could not be at the game, fans got to soak up his memory watching a classic ad he appeared in for Budweiser which the beer brand aired immediately after the game. It was a tribute and a very smart piece of marketing for the beer company.

The commercial shows Caray in the stands spouting some of his famous catch phrases while talking about Budweiser. It’s hokey in an endearing way (which is actually sort of how Caray was in life).

In addition to showing the classic commercial Budweiser also created a two-minute video which uses old audio of Caray that has been edited together to make it sound like he’s announcing the end of the Series-clinching game.

“Harry, they did it,” the video description reads. “The impossible is possible. Hear the legend call one last game. Cubs, #ThisBudsForYou.”

Caray was the long-time play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Cubs. He was known for his unique look with large glasses and his hard-to-forget voice. Caray was the kind of character who could only become an icon in a local baseball market, but for many millions of people his name and image are synonymous with the Cubs.

The announcer, who died in 1998, was also famous for leading a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch at Cubs games. That’s a tradition which endures to this day with various celebrities filling in for Caray.

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