Fashions From the 80s That Are Back!

Fashion in the 80s meant big hair, bright colors and parachute pants. While fanny packs and rat tails are least likely to make a huge comeback, the 5 fashions below are back and more popular than ever:

IMG_20161104_14061580s fashion: Big Earrings

Big Earrings meant big style in the 80s. Known as door-knockers, the bigger and brighter your earrings, the better. Huge earrings paired with animal print were the most fashionable accessory around. (As pictured: these black and silver animal print earrings are a new take on the old look.)

80s fashion: Leggings

Leggings are back. The 80s made them popular with neon colors and more animal print. In 2016, whether you prefer solids or prints, leggings go with almost any outfit and are the most comfortable pants out there.

80s fashion: Jean Jackets

Jean jackets compliment an outfit in a stylish yet tomboy type fashion. Stonewash or acid wash was the trendiest for 80s jean jackets. Popular again for day or night, a jean jacket pairs with a maxi jean jacketjust as easily as with a flowy top and leggings.

80s fashion: Crop Tops

Crop tops made their way to the fashion scene in the 1940’s but became more popular in the 80s. From workout outfits to a glamourous night out, the crop top was the look to have. Popularity rose in the 90s and reemerged again in the 2016 as a bralette. If showing off skin is your thing, this is your look.

80s fashion: Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans were fashionable in the 80s and are once again today. Considered cool by men, women and teenagers alike, this trend was the go to in the 80s. With new brands coming out all the time, ripped jeans have made a comeback no one saw coming.

Fashion experts say trends come back around every 20 years or so. Filled with new looks of the time, there are some 80s trends that never faded.

Author: Emily Rokke

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