What Your Kids Are Up To: Pokemon Go

Growing up in the 80s meant keeping up with a ton of fads, styles and the latest trends. However, things have gotten even crazier as the years went on. You’ve now got kids of your own and they have their own trends, including the very popular, Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is the latest mobile game that is taking the country by storm. Some may remember when the first part of the Pokemon craze began in the late 90s. It was a trading game and television show that drove kids bonkers and may have hurt your pockets a bit.

Today, it has blossomed into a super fun and addicting game that people of all ages are getting into. The game allows you to venture off to different places catching Pokemon of all types and using them to battle in gyms.

There are also Pokestops that are located at various famous landmarks around areas across the world. At these stops, players can stock up on Pokeballs, revives for their fallen Pokemon in gyms, berries to make catching them easier and 2, 5 and 10KM eggs that they can hatch by walking the designated amount of distance.

While you may be excited for all of the food that will be coming this Thanksgiving holiday, your kids will be excited about the special in-game event that NianticLabs, the games developer, has included to spice things up. So, if your kid isn’t passing the mash potatoes at the dinner table, they are likely taking advantage of the double experience points and stardust (used to power up Pokemon) from the Pokemon Go Thanksgiving event.

Instead of staying indoors and keeping their eyes glued to a video game system, your kids are now encouraged to go outside and explore, while having their eyes glued to a smartphone screen. Oh how the times have changed. If you want to learn more about the game check out the video below.

A Brief Explanation of Pokemon Go

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  1. This article is not for this site.

    The vast majority of the people who would visit this site think this game is a load of BS.

    Stick to the 80’s.

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