Shannen Doherty Taking Part in Heathers TV Show

Heathers may have come toward the end of the decade in 1988, but the film created perfect characters that screamed 1980s while also being timeless. Shannen Doherty, of course, played Heather Duke — the female leads– in the original movie and now she has taken to Instagram to tout her involvement in the upcoming reboot series on TV Land.

What roll will Shannen Doherty play?

The actress won’t be reprising her classic character. Instead she will be playing a new part, that has not-yet-been announced.

That’s clearly meant to be a bit of a tease to spark interest in the new show which won’t be a direct remake. Instead it will be a new universe in the style of the original film sort of like the Fargo television series.

This is a win for Doherty

Doherty has been fighting a very public battle with breast cancer which she appears to be winning. The actress shared footage of herself shaving her head due to chemotherapy-induced hair loss and in many ways her struggle has given the often-troubled actress a new image.

In addition to Heathers Doherty co-starred in Beverly Hills 902010. She also appeared in the remake of that series on occasion. She was also one of the stars of Charmed before being pushed off that series for behavioral reasons.

The new Heathers reboot is currently in production in Los Angeles, with a 2017 air date expected.

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