80s Goodies: The Dunkin Donuts Cereal

In the mid-80s something spectacular happened, Dunkin Donuts decided to release a cereal. The Dunkin Donuts cereal was brought to us from the Ralston company who managed to capture the awesome flavor of doughnuts in cereal.

You could pick your sugary poison between glazed and chocolate Dunkin Donuts cereal and for a special period of time you could get both flavors in one box. Some of you may remember mixing the flavors and creating your own special blend.

There was also that classic commercial that tried to convince buyers there was an old man, Fred The Baker, hand-rolling and cutting all of the tiny little donuts. Of course, we all knew better but the miniature setup was pretty darn awesome.

It was simply one of the home run cereals from the 80s that may have slipped under the radar. However, we wish it would make a comeback so we can have a flashback to the golden days. We imagine that if Dunkin Donuts wanted to give it another go, Munchkins that looked like Cocoa Puffs but offered in the variety of flavors would be a pretty successful route, just saying.

Check out the classic commercial for the Dunkin Donuts cereal in the video below. Let us know if you were a fan of the cereal or preferred a different 80s treat.

The Dunkin Donuts Cereal Commercial

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