80s Icon Richard Marx Helps Overcome Drunken Passenger

“Hazard” is nothing new for Grammy Award winner Richard Marx, but neither he nor his wife, former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes, were anticipating the chaos that erupted aboard a Korean Air flight somewhere above Asia on December 20.

The confusion began when a 34-year old passenger, after having too much alcohol, attacked the plane’s crew.  The man pulled a stewardess’s hair which prompted a response from Marx, 53, as Fuentes documented the event from her phone for social media.  A video posted on YouTube shows the offender being tied down to a chair by flight attendants as he spits on them and spouts profanities.

Marx and Fuentes, 50, were leaving Hanoi, Vietnam, to continue celebrating their first anniversary when the altercation began to unfold.  While both celebrities expressed dissatisfaction with Korean Air for not being prepared for such a clash, Marx declared it was, “No big ‘hero’ move at all.”

After freeing himself from the plastic restraints three different times and almost being tased in an exchange Fuentes claims lasted four hours, the passenger was placed under control.  The plane landed without further disruptions and the man was arrested upon arrival in Seoul, South Korea.

Korean Air has responded to the incident saying their staff acted according to protocol.

To quote a certain singer-songwriter from the 80’s, this guy “should’ve known better.”

Author: David Tellez

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