80s Fashions: Leggings Don’ts

Some fashions are timeless and some ebb and flow. Some fashions though, no. Just no. And then there are those fashions that are so good and so bad, all at the same time. 80s leggings are an easy explanation of this.

Do you wear leggings? Do you wear them as pants? Ever since their reemergence, leggings have gotten mixed reviews. People love them, people hate them and people love to hate them. We know that they can be worn to suit almost any outfit, from your morning workout to your going out outfit, leggings can be your best look.

Leggings can also be your worst look. Follow these legging “rules” to make sure your leggings outfits are as cute and comfortable as you mean them to be.

80s Fashions: Leggings Dont’s

80s Neon Leggings

Not in your everyday at least. If you want to sport some neon leggings, do it as such during sports. Neon leggings are fun and loud and the perfect enhancement to your gym attire. At the office though, you might want to choose a more calming hue.

FashionsCutout Leggings

This is another legging type that is really only acceptable at the gym. The leggings pictured are a little too much. A simple diagonal pattern or cut out scheme is athletic while also being fun. Hip to ankle leggings with 90% missing material? Not cute.

Leotard On Top Of Leggings

Please don’t do this. Please. In the 80s? Yes. You couldn’t go to a gym or talk about a women’s (or men’s for that matter) workout without the implied leotard and legging look. Now? Not so much. Maybe for a ballerina but that’s about the only person who can get away with that look now.

Nude LeggingsFashions

Nude leggings don’t flatter anyone’s figure all the while guaranteeing you to get stared at and not for a good reason. Nude leggings often make you look like you aren’t wearing pants. It just isn’t a good color for skin tight pants, trust me on this.

FashionsLight Colored Leggings 

Let’s be honest, leggings shouldn’t be any color that resembles skin or is considered light. Even these light grey leggings on this stick thin model look bad. Leggings should be dark.

Too Tight Leggings

Ok, leggings are skin tight. But they can be comfortable look nice skin tight or the other variety, too tight skin tight. How to know the difference? Are they comfortable? Do they slip down when you bend over or workout? Do you have camel toe? Any of these determine too tight of leggings which not only look bad but feel bad too. Don’t do this.


Too light leggings and too tight leggings probably tie for the worst looks. Leggings are great, as pants or otherwise, but make sure to follow the rest of these guidelines for your best legging looks!

Author: Emily Rokke

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