Quiz: What Do You Know About The Breakfast Club?

These kids are just like us. All different, yet all the same. Get ready to test your knowledge with our What Do You Know About The Breakfast Club quiz.

Everyone knows the princess. The pretty popular girl who everyone adores and wants to be friends with. In this movie, Claire’s parents are on the verge of divorce. This is relateable for so many. She feels stuck in the middle of their relationship and fights. Breakfast Club

Then there is the brain. The smarts of the operation. Brian gets straight A’s and works hard. His parents expect nothing less. But when he fails an assignment in shop, it feels like the end of the world to him.

The muscles in this movie are all Andrew’s. A wrestler and all around athlete, he feels like he isn’t in control of his life or his choices. Sent to detention after duct taping a fellow student’s butt cheeks together, he says that he did it all to impress his dad.

Breakfast ClubAllison is the weirdo, the basket case, quiet and quirky. She doesn’t have any friends and feels ignored at home. In fact, she admits that the only reason she’s in detention is because she has nothing better to do.

And then, there’s the “criminal.” The bad boy, the guy that makes fun of everyone else and acts like a jerk. His bad family life makes him act out and feel the way that he does, alone and misunderstood.

Everyone thinks of each other in these obvious terms at the start of the movie but learn fast that they are all pretty similar and just trying to grow up like the rest of them.

Think you can ace a quiz on this movie? Go ahead and give it a try:

Quiz: What Do You Know About The Breakfast Club?

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Author: Emily Rokke

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