Wearing Leggings Today: Not Just An 80s Fashion

Throughout the 80s and back now, leggings are the best. From your daily workout to a night out, there are so many ways to love wearing leggings.

Black leggings are an all around must and go with almost everything. There are many cute patterns and animal prints to choose from and new companies coming out with new and different legging looks everyday.leggings

Wearing Leggings

Pair leggings with an oversized shirt. Black leggings are such a classic look and go with any color scheme. Make sure that your shirt goes to your mid thighs to capture this look.

dress and leggingsUnder A dress

This is a great way to get whatever look you want. If your dress is too short, leggings will help you feel more comfortable. If it’s a chilly day, they will keep you a bit warmer. And if the dress is sheer, you can wear leggings and forego those outdated slips.

With A Flowy Shirt And A Jean Jacket

Floral, animal print, pattern or solid, this look is it. Fun, comfortable and stylish, this ensemble is just the best. 

Under Tall Boots

Boots and leggings are a great look and a very warm for those winter months. Jean leggings, black leggings and even colorful patterns are all a good looking choice here.

As Workout Pantsflowers

For the athlete in you, leggings are awesome as workout pants. This is the best time to wear those obnoxiously bright and loud patterns and look awesome doing it.



Author: Emily Rokke

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