12 Reasons Why Turner And Hooch Is So Funny With Quiz

While most of the shenanigans in Turner and Hooch have to do with the dog, this movie is easily one of the funniest the 80s has to offer. Tom Hanks is so relatable and equally as hilarious. Here’s the rest of the best parts, including the best scene of the movie:

  • When Scott vacuums his friend who is eating a muffin in the car
  • When Scott brings Hooch a muffin and Hooch attacks his neck instead
  • When Amos fills Hooch’s water bowl with beer
  • When Scott tells the kids that money has to be used for college because it’s the law
  • When Hooch knocks the animal control guy in the water and the girl runs away
  • When Hooch pulls Scott’s face into the door and then through the doggy door
  • When Scott jumps every time Hooch barks
  • When Hooch locks Scott outside of the house
  • When he explains all the house rules to Hooch
  • When he tells Hooch to eat the ashtray and not the car
  • Trying to bathe himTurner and Hooch
  • When Scott bites at Hooch’s neck while playing

And finally, the best scene of the whole movie, when Hooch breaks through the door:

  • First he has some snacks
  • Trashes the kitchen
  • Gets into the fridge
  • Drinks some beer
  • Chews the couch
  • Gets the soccer ball to play
  • Turns on the radio
  • Shakes slobber all over the living room
  • Gets into the blinds and clothes

The end of the movie is sad and happy all at the same time making it classically 80s. Think you know all the details, take this quiz to see:

Turner and Hooch Quiz

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Author: Emily Rokke

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