13 Classic 80s Talk Shows

In the 80s there certainly wasn’t a shortage of talk shows. From late night to daytime, there was a talk show for everyone. We decided to make a list of 13 Classic 80s Talk Shows, all of which began airing in the 80s.

80s Talk Shows

Of course some of these talk shows are much more popular than others on the list. That being said, there is something just too awesome about the way these shows were run.

We’ve had shows that were incredibly successful and moved on way past the 80s. There were also plenty of shows that struggled to gain another contract and were just one hit wonders.

Whatever the scenario may be, we are certain that you have heard of at the very least five of these major shows highlighted below. The slideshow is in no particular order and some selections may even come as a surprise to you.

The subjects of these shows included celebrity interviews, comedy, politics, music, fashion and much more. These were the foundations for some of the most successful daytime and late night talk shows today.

You can check out out slideshow of the 13 Classic 80s Talk Shows below by clicking through it. If you click on the images you should be taken to the IMDB page for the shows if you want to learn more. As always let us know if we missed one in the comments section below.

13 Classic 80s Talk Shows

Late Night With David Letterman
Late Night With David Letterman first aired in 1982 and continued to 1993.
The Morton Downey Jr. Show
Here's one of the most out there talk shows that kicked off in the late '80s.
The Arsenio Hall Show
The Arsenio Hall Show was introduced in 1989 just making the cut for our '80s list.
Live With Regis Philbin
Before Live With Kelly, Regis Philbin was the man making most of the magic work.
The Oprah Winfrey Show
In 1986 the world was introduced to The Oprah Winfrey Show, which became one of the longest standing daytime talk shows.
Larry King Live
There is nothing quite like the Larry King Live show where he featured all kinds of guest from politicians to musicians.
ABC News Nightline kicked off in the early '80s and was responsible for educational and eye-opening news.
The Pat Sajak Show
For those of you who may have forgotten, Pat Sajak was a talk show host before he hosted Wheel of Fortune.
The Richard Bey Show
Then there was the classic Richard Bey Show which kicked off in 1987. Remember this one?
This Morning
This Morning turned their lifestyle magazine into a show in the late '80s.
The Joan Rivers Show
There's no way we could forget the incredible Joan Rivers and her late '80s show.
This was a talk show that constantly had political sparks flying all around.
The Wilton North Report
Then there was the short-lived talk shows like The Wilton North Report.

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