80s Brands- Just The 80s or Here to Stay?

The 80s had a style all its own, from scrunchies to neon everything. Some 80s brands and styles are forever in the 80s while others are more popular than ever.

Stuck in the 80s Brands

Jordache Jeans80s Brands

These jeans were super popular in the 80s. Then there were the Jengas of the 90s and skinnies are back in the 2000’s and now.

Though jean trends are always changing and high waisted jeans show up every now and then, don’t expect Jordaches to be back on the shelves anytime soon.


The look to have in the 80s, Espirit was all over the magazines featuring their “real people” ads. Plus you absolutely had to have the green Espirit tote bag. Since the 80s, the brand has significantly fallen in popularity.

Z. Cavaricci80s Brands

This lifestyle collection came out in the 80s and became the best of the high-waisted pants and jeans. LA based with an Italian theme, these pants were known for their long waist and tapered look that was wide around the thighs and tightened again at the knee.

Now and Forever 80s Brands


Reeboks were one of the hottest trends of the 80s. The classic Reeboks were also known as soldiers. Dance and Freestyle collections were the ladies lines of Reeboks. While Reeboks are still around and popular, their hey day stays certainly and firmly in the 80s.

ray-ban-sunglasses-png-8Ray Bans

These classic full sun glasses showed up in the 80s from the streets, into the movies and everywhere else. Tom Cruise made these already stylish glasses even more popular in 1983’s Risky Business. These sunglasses are timeless and very popular to date.

Keith Haring Graphics

Iconic artist Keith Haring opened his SoHo “Pop Shop” in the 1980’s. His work was New York based graffiti and visual art. His trademark work is still seen today and will forever be recognizable.

Designers call 2017 the year of the 80s so if we were to see some of these oldies looks come back, this would be the perfect year for it.

Author: Emily Rokke

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