The 80s Headband: Comeback or Stuck in the 80s?

The 80s sweatband was almost a fashion in itself. Though this was the piece to have at the time, most of us would agree it is hard to see the headband fad come back full swing.


This is most notably the neon colored, thick and almost towel like headband used during workouts. This band absorbs your mid workout sweat and looks cool at the same time.

Jewelry band

This new fad certainly has popped up, from the streets to the TV to your local restaurant. Used as another accessory in a typical day or to dress up your “hair do,” this look is a definite extra.


Still around are the multi colored head bands, similar to the towel like sweat bands of the 80s but thinner, sleeker and softer. You see these sometimes on school girls or even at the gym as a m9LQXZ2GCQfgI0A1Dk85_PAnewer and more attractive version of the 80s sweatband.

Headband with bow

And then there’s the bow. Big everything was the 80s fashion to have and big bows were no exception. Whether on a hard and thin headband or plastered to the thinner looking sweatband, big bows were just that in the 80s, big fashion.

It’s true you may see headbands as accessories these days but the chances you will see a neon green sweatband at the gym aren’t good. Headbands certainly were an 80s look that seems to be stuck in the 80s.

Author: Emily Rokke

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