Quiz: Beverly Hills Cop

What makes Beverly Hills Cop as a movie? Eddie Murphy.

His witty, quick comebacks draw you in with entertainment and you can’t wait to see how he uncovers this crime.

Murphy’s lines in this movie keep you laughing too and are a sign of the times. So many things that happened in this movie and the way they happened would never play out as such this day in age.

After he gets shoved out of the car, he says, “Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What’s the fuckin’ charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking?”

When he accuses the front desk attendant of not validating his reservation, even after he never made one.

“Don’t you think I realize what’s going on here, miss? Who do you think I am, huh? Don’t you think I know that if I was some hotshot from out of town that pulled inside here and you guys made a reservation mistake, I’d be the first one to get a room and I’d be upstairs relaxing right now. But I’m not some hotshot from out of town, I’m a small reporter from “Rolling Stone” magazine that’s in town to do an exclusive interview with Michael Jackson that’s gonna be picked up by every major magazine in the country. I was gonna call the article “Michael Jackson Is Sitting On Top of the World,” but now I think I might as well just call it “Michael Jackson Can Sit On Top of the World Just As Long As He Doesn’t Sit in the Beverly Palm Hotel ‘Cause There’s No Niggers Allowed in There!”

When Murphy tries to help out two of the cops but they want to tell the truth about what happened: Beverly Hills Cop

“Before I go, I just want you two to know something, alright? The supercop story… was working. Okay? It was working, and you guys just messed it up. Okay? I’m trying to figure you guys out, but I haven’t yet. But it’s cool. You fuck up a perfectly good lie.”

As he mocks people throughout the movie, his comedy is put on display:

“You’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe? It should be more natural, brother. It should flow out, like this – “Look, man, I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe!” See, that’s more natural for us. You been hanging out with this dude too long.”

But the absolute best part about this movie? Murphy’s laugh! It’s hard to get enough of it and hard not to laugh along.

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Quiz: Beverly Hills Cop

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