Quiz: Do You Remember Pretty In Pink?

Pretty In Pink is defined by the poor girl who falls for the rich boy. Growing up is hard to do and liking someone so different from yourself only adds to the difficulty. All the while, stand up friend Duckie, is by her side.

You don’t need lots of money to to look good though and Andie proves this. Pretty In Pink has some of the best fashion picks of the 80s.  Andie’s handcrafted styles are on beat with the fads of the decade including lots of floral and bright colors. The movie is packed with 80s popular looks, so if you want to throw back to a different time, here’s the tips to do it!

For the Best Of Fashion:

  • Side ponytails were hot in the 80s. Well, looking back, they weren’t but 80s girls loved this look.
  • Molly-Ringwald-Pretty-In-Pink-Hat-Earrings-Floral-80sMultiple ear piercings were another looks to have. And all the holes were meant for more than just studs so wearing double hoops, dangles, or some of both was super common.
  • Want to wear a necklace, why not wear 3 or 4? The more the better for this layered look.
  • Hair nets were in and I’m not just talking in the kitchen. Knit, brightly colored hair nets were an accessory and not one that is likely to ever return to the fashion scene again.
  • Obligatory bright eye shadow was a must have. And bright blue was the shade to wear.
  • And for guys, the fashion was just as big and very 80s.
  • Duckie and his suspenders were seen on more than one occasionpretty_in_pink2-620x412
  • Suit coats and t-shirts were a go to outfit for the men of Pretty In Pink as well. Occasionally a sweater was layered under a suit coat to switch up this popular look too.
  • Hats were everywhere. Girls and guys wore hats for school, work, going out and more.
  • The prom scene was of course filled with 80s prom looks to remember. Ruffles, big sleeves, bright colors, big hair and lots of accessories were seen everywhere.
  • And of course smoking. Toted as cool and sexy, anyone who’s anyone, smokes. This is especially true in the 80s.

Think you know all the Pretty In Pink details? Take this quiz and test your skills:

Quiz: Do You Remember Pretty In Pink?

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Author: Emily Rokke

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