80s Hairstyles That Should Stay In The 80s

Styles in the 80s were bright and big. The 80s hairstyles were no exception. Big, bigger, and biggest, the more hair, the better. Perms, teased hair, and crimped hair were in. Even the guys heads were full of it, whether they wore a mullet or had a perm themselves. 

The 80s certainly had their own way when it came to hair looks and that’s where these styles should stay. You really shouldn’t even own a scrunchie, and if you do, I hope you only use it to get ready.


80s Hairstyles That Should Stay In The 80s


80s HairstylesThe Side Ponytail

This look is like no other in the 80s, or any decade for that matter. The side ponytail pulls all your hair to either ear and is teased to look big and full. Tie your tail off with a scrunchie and you’re instantly propelled back into the 80s. Oh and don’t forget about the bangs!

The Scrunchie

Neon, white, or any shade, scrunchies were the best and biggest looks to accessorize your ‘do. Designed with geometrical shapes, glitter, and other gems or beads, scrunchies were awesome in the 80s, and that’s where they should stay.80s Hairstyles

Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is not good, just no. Popular in the 80s, you could crimp all your hair or just select sections. Worn up or down, it was a very versatile look. But the tiny crimps of the past should stay there. 


Rat tails

Rat tails didn’t look good in the 80s and they don’t look good now. Undone and unkept, this style should really stop and never start up again.

80s HairstylesThe Mullet

Mullets were classic 80s. Trimmed on top and long and flowy in the back, this look was common. Mullets should stay in the 80s but surprisingly enough, you still see this look today. Well it isn’t for everyone, mullets will always have their fans.

Do you agree with these looks being too 80s for the 2017s? Perms have come and gone over the years and wavy hair has too. Well mullets will continue to be seen here and there, rat tails and scrunchies are best left in the 80s.

Author: Emily Rokke

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