Quiz: What Do You Remember From The Movie Big?

When you wake up and realize you aged 20 years overnight, you’re sure to feel a little freaked out. That’s what happened in the film, Big. But if you happen to be a boy on the verge of teen years that wakes up 30 years old, the following is a good start for what to do with your time until returning to your younger self.

This is what to do if you’re a 13 year old trapped in as 30 year old’s body:

  • Try to convince your Mom, that you’re you. When this doesn’t work, then you..
  • Convince your best friend, Billy, that you’re you. He believes you and thank God because you need him! Next..Big-Movie (1)
  • Find a job. Josh is a computer, toy, and games lover so when he finds a data processing job, that’s a good enough start to him.
  • Go to the toy store. Josh is busy playing when MacMillan sees him, strikes up a conversation, and ultimately promotes him to Vice President due to all his innovative and fun toy ideas. Big piano keys
  • His promotion includes a huge office and huge paycheck to play with toys, all day, night, and even in meetings.
  • Mid meeting Josh proposes a new toy Idea and (almost) everyone loves it. Josh says a robot that turns into a bug would be the coolest, best new toy around.
  • With a nice big check, Josh gets a nice big apartment and fills it like a teen boy would. Toys, a soda machine, a basketball hoop, bike ramps, arcade games, a huge blow up dinosaur and a monster
  • trampoline are just a few of the things he decked out his new pad with.
  • Take your best friend to baseball games and to hang out with him all the time.
  • Make sure to write to your parents and let them know that you’re alright. Josh tells his mom that where he is seems, “A lot like camp. We watch TV and even get outside once in awhile.”
  • Go to the company party in an extremely embellished white suit and shoes
  • Live it up in the limo, playing with everything and touching all the knobs and buttons
  • Try not to get into a fight because you’re better at a game than your coworker who already doesn’t like you.
  • BigGo out to dinner with your best friend for your birthday and then finish your birthday with a date at the carnival. Josh starts “seeing” Susan, a coworker of his and they go on a couple of dates throughout the movie. She even gives him his first kiss and his first trip trip to second base.
  • And before returning to your old life, propose an idea for your own toy line. Josh comes up with an electronic comic book that you can read and have multiple endings. He says you could maybe even include hockey, football, and baseball.
  • And when you’re busy working and forget what it’s like to be a kid…
  • Play your favorite computer game again.
  • Take a walk and see kids playing and teens hanging out.
  • Toss a stray ball back to a couple of kids playing baseball.
  • When you realize you really do want to be a kid again and go back to Bigyour old life, find the machine that changed you in the first place..and make it change you back!
  • Josh finds the park where Zoltar is so that he could re wish to be a kid again. Though Susan will miss him, she knows it’s right for Josh to experience all that is growing up.

Most kids think they want to be older and lots of us want to be a kid again. Ode to life’s troubles. How many times have you seen this movie? Take the quiz and see if you know all the details:





Quiz: What Do You Remember From The Movie Big?

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