80s Decor: What’s Still In And What’s Still So Very Out

The 80s had style, this much is for sure. Clothing fashions were full of neon and patterns. The hair was nothing if not big. And the decor? Well, that’s where the 80s really had their own flair.

Floral on floral, pastels, ferns galore, and shabby chic were all 80s staples. Whether at home or in the office, it was easy to tell these looks were from the 80s.

80s Decor


The 80s was full of ferns (and coincidently perms.) Prop stylists, also known as stagers, loved to use them in houses for looks. House plants stay throughout the ages but no one loves ferns as much as the 80s.

Open Kitchen

The open floor plan that is still so popular today, started in the 80s. Open dining areas often flowed into an open family room. This style is more popular than ever with new builds.


Floral has its place and in the 80s, that place was everywhere. Floral patterns to floral wall paper, this look was loved by so many. 

pastelstripedbedroom (1)Pastels

Spring time all the time! Pastels were a favorite decor palette and every color could be used. Especially if you used all the colors at the same time!

Shabby Chicrecylced-olf-door-decor 

Still so very popular today is shabby chic. In the 80s this look focused on a distressed, antique look and lots of white.


The 80s had a style all it’s own and you can too! You love ferns? Fill the house. Are pastels your favorite? Cover the walls. If we learned anything from the 80s it’s that we should do whatever we like, and oh, we will.


Author: Emily Rokke

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