Did You Ever Visit Videopolis?

A recent article just reminded us of Disney’s incredibly 80s move in creating Videopolis, a dance park turned TV show.

“When the obviously un-cool Michael Eisner became Disney’s C.E.O. he was desperate to appeal to teenagers and young adults. In an attempt to attract edgier teens of the MTV generation Eisner developed Videopolis: an epic 5,000 square foot all-ages discotheque located just west It’s a Small World in Fantasyland, strategically placed in the corner of the park where the loud volume would not disturb the other park guests,” according to Dangerous Minds.

“This state-of-the-art, $3 million outdoor venue complete with hundreds of neon lights & lasers, 70 video monitors displaying music videos, spotlights shooting into the sky, a snack bar called Yumz, and a dance floor large enough hold 3,000 guests opened on June 22nd, 1985.”

Then, in 1986, the idea became the forefront of a television show that was so, totally 80s. The show featured some of the top 80s artists of the year, including Boy George, Rick Astley and many more. If that wasn’t enough the show was jam-packed with 80s dance parties featuring sounds that defined the decade.

“The Disney dance party’s popularity soared in the late ‘80s surpassing its competition over at Knott’s Berry Farm’s ‘Club K’ which was attracting up to 2,000 teenagers a night,” according to the report.

The fun never seemed to stop when you were dancing your butts off at Videopolis. Unfortunately the attraction only last a total of three years. All good things must come to an end we suppose.

Welcome To Videopolis

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