Is ‘Just Like Heaven’ The Best 80s New Wave Song?

In the 80s there were plenty of new wave bands that stepped on to the scene with massive hits. The Cure is one of those bands and “Just Like Heaven” is one of it’s major hits. However, is it worthy of taking on the role of being he best 80s new wave song?


“Just Like Heaven” featured a beautiful guitar solo and that signature 80s electronic synthesizer that made some many incredible tracks pop. Meanwhile, Robert Smith’s impressive and undeniably distinct voice shines right through.

Despite superb songwriting, an awesome music video and countless amazing performances of it over the years. It is still hard to pick one great 80s new wave song. It is especially hard to do so when The Cure has had an entire collection of hits including, “Friday I’m In Love” and the timeless “Lovesong.”

Nevertheless, “Just Like Heaven” has to hold a special place in 80s new wave fans’ hearts. Flashing back to this song is a no-brainer at this time of the year.

We’re flashing back to this track on this Friday as summer nears, simply due to its airy and light sound. It’s a perfect listen for those are trying to enjoy the good weather. Just slap on some sunglasses put the top down on the car or windows down and just cruise.

Relive the awesome track with the music video below and let us know what song stands out as the best 80s new wave track in the comments section below.

Is ‘Just Like Heaven’ The Best 80s New Wave Song?

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