15 Ways To Show Today’s Kids A Fun 80s Summer

How do you have a totally 80s summer with kids? (Or at least a summer day from the 80s?) No cell phones, laptops, or i- Anythings! But what else is there to do? So much.

15 Ways To Show Today’s Kids A Fun 80s Summer

Go to the Park

Swing on the swings and slide down the slide. Run around and play on the play set. You won’t regret it.

sidewalk-chalkSidewalk Chalk

Everyone can join in on this. Make a picture or play a game, whatever you do, get creative.

Yard Games

Playing outside was the only way to do it in the 80s (and 90s.) Volleyball, bean bags, badminton, horseshoes, and yard bowling are fun things to do outside with large and small groups too.

Bikes and Roller Skates

For exercise with wheels, get out on bikes, roller skates, skateboards, or inline skates. Your hair will blow in the wind and the kids will love getting out to ride.

Obstacle course

How easy is it to set out some obstacles with varying difficulty to go around, over, or through? You can race each other or time yourself, either way this idea is super fun.

Neighborhood game

The 80s have passed but don’t think these “scratch” games don’t happen anymore or that no one would want to join. I kid you not, just over Memorial Day weekend a neighborhood kickball game was started and to say it was a blast is an understatement. Just like in the 80s, we went in when the street lights came on. Unfortunately for us, it’s because we ran out of daylight.

Water Balloon Fightwater balloons

It goes without saying , water balloon fights are the stuff of summer. Throw on your suit, fill up some balloons with chilling water, and don’t forget to aim!

Set up a Lemonade Stand

Lemonade, even homemade, is quick and easy to make. And on a hot summer day, it’s hard to say anything is as yummy and as refreshing as a chilled cup of lemonade. Even a few customers will make this activity worth it.

Hide and Seek

Have lots of people and no equipment? Play hide and seek. This game gets you up and running, literally. Too fun.

Skip Rocks

Whether you have a puddle, a pond, or a lake, skipping rocks is a challenge. Not good at skipping rocks? Throw your rock as far as you can or make the biggest splash you can. All you need is a rock and it’s on.


Go fishing. If you catch enough, cook it up for a delicious treat. Catch and release can be just as enjoyable for some fishing fun.


The term hiking throwing you off? Hiking is really walking! Throw on a pair of shoes and get to a local trail. The kids will love to find sticks and explore a new area.

Beach Day

Build sand castles and have a picnic. Browse magazines and lay in the sun. Play in the water and enjoy it.


The whole family can enjoy the library. Kids rooms are great too and usually filled with toys, puzzles, and books alike.

Trainsdownload (1)

Watch for trains and pump your arm up and down to make them beep for you. You can also place a nickel on the tracks far ahead of when a train comes. Wait until the train passes and go collect your (flattened) coin.

Rainy Day

Order a pizza, pop some popcorn, and watch movies. You could pull out a good book and a blanket too. The 80s might be over but these activities will always make for great summer fun.

With all these ideas, it’s possible to forget about your phone all together, if only for a moment. Fun, interactive, and an amazing way to spend time with kids, these activities will remind you of growing up in the 80s.

Author: Emily Rokke

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