The 80s Fanny Pack is Coming Back and This is Why

The fanny pack. In British English it’s bum bag. It’s also known as a waist bag and more recently a belt bag. Whatever you call it, it’s here again. You’ll see them everywhere, from the runway to L.A. and beyond.

New styles can forever be seen particularly in places like LA but you’ll notice these days they have a new twist, the 80s. Yup, it’s true. The 80s are back. Our jewelry is big and bold, we’ re loving our skinny jeans, and we never took off our Ray-Bans.

If you don’t already love the fanny pack, here’s why you should:

izSrz47htvNlThe Fanny Pack is Convenient

These bags are small enough to hang around your waist but big enough to hold a lot of stuff. No pockets? Perfect! You can hold your keys, wallet, some gum or mints, your phone, and more all in one place.

The Fanny Pack is Stylish and Even Trendy

The 80s style has come back in 2017 and the fanny pack is back too. Sometimes referred to as a belt bag or a waist bag, these classic 80s “bags” are back. You can get the new style for a 2017 spin or the 80s version to complete your throwback look.

The Fanny Pack Also Plays as a “New” Bagfc5f4840-a8b4-11e4-9f70-2729eae34eed_Sarah-Jessica-Parker

It’s true, there’s a new bag out there. It’s a play off of the fanny pack known as a belt bag. These bags are a sign of the times. Something new, something sleek, and something to talk about, the belt bag is the best way to show off the old trend while accessorizing with a new fashion.

No more are the days of bags big enough to be considered a carry on. Nope, today people want it simple, quick, and within arms reach and the fanny pack (bum bag, belt bag, and waist bag) is it.

Author: Emily Rokke

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