‘Dirty Diana’ Will Remain A Michael Jackson Classic Forever

There are some songs that transcend time and continues to hold its value as a classic. Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” is one of those tracks and you can’t tell us otherwise. We’re coming up on the 29th anniversary of the track gracing the Billboard Hot 100 chart on July 2, so why not relive the greatness.

“Dirty Diana” is a track you just wouldn’t think Jackson would be singing. It was, well, dirty and told a story of “groupies” that literally threw themselves at artists. It was built around an infatuation and the song helped give listeners a mental visual of it.

The song was captivating and had a much harsher tone than the rest of Jackson’s great pop hits. It certainly stands out but for plenty of great reasons.

It’s really hard to tap into the energy and power that Jackson sang “Dirty Diana” with, though, the song was covered by modern-day hitmaker, The Weeknd. Not only did he do the song plenty of justice, there are even some instances where you can’t really tell the difference.

You may think we’re crazy to even compare someone to the King of Pop. So, we’ve been sure to list both the original and The Weeknd’s cover of the track. Do you think The Weeknd was able to evoke the same emotion as Michael Jackson? Let us know in the comments section below.

“Dirty Diana” (Michael Jackson)

“Dirty Diana” (The Weeknd)

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