The GLOW Soundtrack Is Absolutely 80s

We reported on the release of the GLOW reboot by Netflix. However the GLOW soundtrack blew us away completely with some of the offerings. We haven’t been this excited about an 80s driven soundtrack since Stranger Things.

Having a captivating storyline, good actors and an incredibly awesome show to build off of is awesome and all. However, when you factor in a soundtrack that captivates you and puts you right back in the setting for the film, things get a lot more interesting.

Netflix shows seem to have this formula down and it has rolled over into the latest hit show, GLOW. The soundtrack consists of songs such as, “Separate Ways” by Journey, “The Look” by Roxette, “Invincible” by Pat Benatar and many more.

“Though there was early talk of letting the music deviate to different eras, the creative team ultimately decided to keep the wrestling drama’s sound rooted in the ’80s, freeing up Gilbert to essentially reenact his tape-deck days,” according to EntertainmentWeekly.

“From there, the challenge was in keeping the show ‘authentic’ — even when a robot bearing drugs showed up at a party.”

Thank heavens they decided to stay on track with this one. The good news is, all of the tracks have been compiled for you on a Spotify. Ironic that you’ll be streaming 80s hits via a service that was founded in 2006. Let that sink in a bit.

GLOW Soundtrack

Author: Navi

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