Like Totally 80s – What Life Was Like in 1983

The year when a new car was less then $10,000 and gas to fill it was a mere $1.17 per gallon. What else do you know and love about 1983? Here’re some facts and figures from what life was like in 1983.

What Life Was Like in 1983

Best TV Shows:Webster_Season_1

The A-Team
Magnum, P.I.
We Got It Made
The Love Boat
Knight Rider
Fraggle Rockmaxresdefault (2)

Best Movies:

Return of the Jedi
Trading Places
Risky Business
Terms of Endearment
The Outsiders
A Christmas Story
National Lampoon’s Vacation

Popular Singers:

Michael Jackson2015-05-15-1431674301-4218494-DSC_0566_1024x1024
David Bowie
Billy Joel
Elton John
Phil Collins
Donna Summer
Rick Springfield
Stevie Nicks
Billy Idol

People born in 1983:

Carris Underwood
Chris HemsworthsHXDMx-I
Mila Kunis
Aaron Rodgers
Scott Disick

Best Toy:

Cabbage Patch Kids


Over 233 million in the US and more than 4.5 million worldwide.

Fun Facts:

Return of the Jedi was 1983’s top grossing film and the book was the top selling novel that year too.Return_of_the_Jedi_(1997_re-release_poster)

The computer mouse was invented in this year.

Sally Ride was the first woman in space.

Microsoft word was first released.

The McNugget is born.1200px-McDonalds-Chicken-McNuggets

It’s almost hard to believe that McDonalds didn’t introduce McNuggets until this year. And how cool is it that the most popular book and movie are the same story? We love you 1983.

Author: Emily Rokke

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