Like Totally 80s – What Life was Like in 1984

Do you know what huge electronic technology came out in 1984? Any writers you know from that year? This year was a great year and here’s why.

What Life Was Like in 1984

Popular TV:


The Cosby Show

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


Murder, She Wrote

Night Court

Who’s The Boss?qmIs52-2Xok.market_maxres


For the Kids:

Punky Brewster

Thomas and FriendsThomas-the-tank-engine-logo

Muppet Babies


Popular Movies:


Beverly Hills Cops

The Terminator

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The Karate KidTerminator1984movieposter


Sixteen Candles (This was also the first movie released by teen movie director John Hughes.)

Conan the Destroyer

Repo Man

The Muppets Take Manhattan


Popular Singers:

Lionel Richie

Phil Collins

Elton JohnElton-John


Rick Springfield

Billy Joel

Wang ChungWangChungNick&Jackpromo2

Michael Jackson

Rolling Stones


People Born in 1984:

Katy Perry

Khloe Kardashian1122-khloe-kardashian-getty-3

Trey Songz

Avril Lavigne

Calvin Harris

Sam Hunt

Mark Zuckerberg

Mandy Mooremark-zuckerberg-headshotMandy-Moore

Emily Rokke (Yes, me! And what’s more fun than that? My birthday’s on Halloween.)

Best Toy:


1984’s Population:

The population in the US was over 235 million in 1984 and the world population was 4.7 million.

World Events:

January 24th, 1984, marks the release of Macintosh’s first personal computer by Apple.Unitron-Mac-512

US researchers announce their discovery of AIDS.

The Chicago White Sox beat the Milwaukee Brewers (7-6) in the longest game in Major League Baseball history. The game lasted a staggering 25 innings, for a total of eight hours and six minutes.

Smoking Crack Cocaine started in LA and soon spread throughout the US. This is known as the crack epidemic.

Fun Facts:

A loaf of bread ($.93,) a pound of bacon ($1.55,) and a dozen eggs ($.58) fed your family breakfast for $4.06 in 1984.istock-bacon-eggs-toast

DNA testing was developed by Alec Jeffreys.

The Boston Beer Company was founded in this year.

Can you believe how long that baseball game lasted? It may have been quicker with a restricted time clock like they have now. But most importantly, don’t forget to be thankful to 1984 for me, your very own fun fact loving, reminiscing, nostalgic 80s writer. Thanks 1984!

Author: Emily Rokke

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