Popular 80s Devices That Have All but Disappeared

80s devices are extinct now and can be some of the hardest relics to find. The 80s Walkman provided musical entertainment to whomever wanted to listen. Anybody still have one? Or know where you can find one?

My guess is probably not. What about a VCR? Again, I’ll assume no. Why is this? Well, although these “relics” are still seen and found, they’re on their way out.

Popular 80s Devices That Have All but Disappeared


VHS tapes may still be here, but they’re on their way out.

Shopping Malls

So many of these are going by the wayside. Online sellers beat out department stores now, so not only are malls on the outs, but these stores are too.

Well, lots are found in malls so there’s that. Arcades are super fun but kids are more hooked to their phones, pads, and laptops these days.

Pay PhonesElcotel-Series5-01

Pay phones were common in malls too. Also on street corners, outside libraries, grocery stores, and more.

Rotary Phoneblackrotarygif2

My grandma had one. As a child, everyone had one, if only in your toy box. Now-a-days? Nope.

Floppy Disks

Floppy disks turned CDs. These days, my laptop doesn’t even have a CD slot.


I remember using one growing up. The last time I saw one was at a lawyers office, a very old school lawyer’s office.


These little sound makers went out as soon as cell phones came in. Suffice to say, I can’t even remember the last time I saw one.

Yellow Pages

In print, no. Online, yes.

Analog Alarm Clock97a6bdfb-3435-4bfa-8b9f-862548d25f33_1.ddd3f73cdfcc35567af290e1fec99721

These have not disappeared but at the same time, how many people do you know that own and use an analog alarm? I’m willing to bet they use digital


My Dad had a waterbed for years. They were fun to play on and warm to sleep in. The frame is still there but a mattress took its spot decades ago.

Do you disagree? Still have an Analog Alarm clock sitting on top of your VCR? Didn’t think so.

Author: Emily Rokke

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