80s-Set Wonder Woman 2 Could Be The Next 80s Inspired Hit

When we say the 80s setting has been breeding some of the best shows and films in this decade, we aren’t lying. In fact, the next Wonder Woman film looks like it will be taking on an 80s setting, bringing the decade to the box office.

“But now production details have revealed that Wonder Woman 2 may be set during the 1980s, with Diana, Princess of The Amazon fighting against the Soviet Union in the last throes of the Cold War – when tensions between the US and Russia were reaching boiling point,” according to Metro.

That’s yet another movie that will tap into the 80s in a creative venture. It shouldn’t be too hard to place the setting and events of the Cold War. With the major success that was Wonder Woman’s first standalone film, there is no telling how much an 80s setting can enhance the series.

It has truly been impressive to see Wonder Woman stand above Batman and Superman films. Judging from how awesome the 80s was as a decade, minus the conflicts of course, we expect the next film to top the first one.

“Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s onscreen chemistry kept fans truly entertained  – and Pine is also tipped to make a return in the possible second movie, even after the fate of his character, Steve Trevor, in the current film,” according to the report.

The 80s is irresistible. Filmmakers love it and so do we.

Author: Navi

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