A Film About Former Senator Gary Hart Is On The Way

Two of the most respected actors in Hollywood are getting ready to take on one of the biggest political scandals of the 80s. Hugh Jackman is set to play Gary Hart in a film titled, The Frontrunner, which follows Hart’s presidential primary race.

“Reitman’s Hart-centric movie is titled ‘The Frontrunner,’ and ‘chronicles Hart’s meteoric rise and dramatic fall,’ per the Hollywood Reporter,” according to TheWashingtonPost.

“A trailer-worthy recap: Hart, a dashing senator from Colorado, was the front-runner for the Democratic slot, but he withdrew after his affair with Rice became public (a photo of the two on a yacht called ‘Monkey Business’ was the final nail in his campaign’s coffin).”

Meanwhile Colin Farrell will be playing Oliver North in an Amazon TV Show, which also addresses a political scandal that rocked the 80s.

Farrell and Jackman are two pretty surprising choices for such roles, however, there is a lot of confidence in them bringing these characters and the scandal to life.

These pieces will bring us back to a time where publicized political scandals were never short. They also serve as another reminder that the 80s is being tapped for plenty of entertainment purposes. At this point, we wonder when the well will run completely dry and which decade will follow suit.

Stay tuned for more news on both of these pieces as details emerge on the plots and much more. Are you excited for these upcoming pieces? Or is it just re-hashing old news?

Author: Navi

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