‘Hungry Eyes’ Takes On A New Look For Aussie AD

Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes” was a special song from the 80s that will forever go down as a classic. As with most classics, the popularity of the track helps it live on long after the release. In this case, an Australian AD resurrected new life into the track in a pretty comedic way.

The service is called Stan and it is an entertainment platform similar to that of Netflix. In an attempt to gain the attention of prospecting buyers, the company came up with a very out of this world AD campaign.

“Streaming service Stan Australia brings that idea to life in an enjoyably retro way with a new ad set to the tune of Eric Carmen’s iconic Dirty Dancing track, ‘Hungry Eyes,’” according to ADWeek.

“The spot stars Perth comedian Shane Adamczak as the embodiment of ’80s cool, complete with shimmering suit, feathered hair and Ray-Bans (worn, of course, at night).”

Yes, who could forget the classic Dirty Dancing film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The 1987 film feature plenty of iconic songs and “Hungry Eyes” was a huge fan favorite.

The song’s catchy nature and sultry lyrics were perfect for the film and now, it’s being translated into humor for an Aussie streaming service. Oh how the times have changed.

“Richards Rose founder Adam Rose tells Australia’s AdNews that the spot is ‘a love story—one man’s longing for Stan’s irresistible lineup. Like a moth to a flame, he and his hungry eyes do whatever is necessary to take a closer look at any Stan infused screen,'” according to the report.

You can check out both the original music video for “Hungry Eyes” and the Stan AD campaign in the videos below.

Stan Hungry Eyes AD

Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes”

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