The ‘Take On Me’ App Is An 80s Lovers Dream

a-Ha’s “Take On Me” wasn’t just an iconic song. It also featured one of the coolest music videos known to man. It put lead singer Morten Harket in a comic book world that we all wished we could jump in. Now, that wish can be granted thanks to the world of technology with the Take On Me App.

“The video took 16 weeks to animate by hand, but Trixi Studios created an augmented reality app that can recreate the effect in real-time,” reported Gizmodo.

“Trixi Studios’ ‘Take On Me’ app isn’t exactly a must-have feature for your phone, but watching it turn this home into a series of simple doodles inhabited by a virtual performer makes smartphones seem amazing again. And it’s experiments like this that will eventually lead to augmented reality breakthroughs we won’t be able to live without.”

We all marveled at the awesomeness that was the “Take On Me” music video. It was something completely original at the time and merge animation and 80s music in such a cool way. No one would expect that years later with the simple download of an app, you would be able to immerse yourself in that very own world.

While plenty of millennials and the younger generation may just enjoy the look of the app, die-hard 80s fans will become flooded with nostalgia as they create their very own version of the music video. Check out a version of the app in action below.

Trixi Studios’ Take On Me

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