80s Fashion Trends For The Workplace

80s fashion has its place in many settings and decades. That’s what’s so timeless about it. But what about particular workplace fashions from the 80s? Did it actually exude confidence and a sense of power for women?

80s Fashion Trends For The Workplace

“Wide-cut, concealing and double-breasted, the suits, by designers like Thierry Mugler and Claude Montana, had oversize shoulder pads, which served as both a bulking agent and an armor, and were styled with minimal concessions to femininity,” according to TheNewYorkTimes.

“Makeup looked more like war paint than ornament, and hair was teased out — hopeful intimidation-tactic chic.”

There was plenty of power behind the over-the-top 80s outfits and throughout the years, the report claims that that has been slimmed down. It is true. Now, suits are cutting much slimmer and shoulder pads aren’t often around in the workplace.

“Such items have taken on new significance in the year since Hillary Clinton campaigned in pantsuits and then all but disappeared from our lives: What once looked like power dressing now seems more like mourning garb,” according to the report.

So what exactly is the solution to this? We would say bring back some of those classic 80s items and let the power surge. 80s fashions aren’t gone by any means, we still see it in some summer styles this year and we expect to see them return over and over again. After all, this is one of the greatest decades ever.

Author: Navi

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