80s Rock Star Howard Jones Shares Inspirational Words

We mentioned earlier on in the year that 80s rock star Howard Jones would be leading the charge at the Retro Futura, 80s rewind show. What we didn’t know is that he would be sharing some inspirational words in a recent interview.

The interview was conducted by Stephanie Stephens of MindYourBodyTV, a YouTube channel featuring interviews of various stars in the entertainment industry.

“Join me in this new video for an intimate sit-down with Howard Jones, who’s topping the bill now on the national ’80s rewind, Retro Futura,” read Stephens’ description of her video.

“In this thought-provoking conversation, Howard talks about the excitement of touring and playing all over the world—even after so many remarkable years—and about how Buddhism helps him direct his life.”

Jones has continued to play some pretty large venues. One of his biggest hits happens to be “Things Can Only Get Better,” which is interesting as he still maintains that positive outlook.

“His message: You are responsible for your life and its direction, so take charge,” the description continued.

“And yes, he says, it can be difficult, as he knows.”

The interview was highly insightful and finds an 80s star reflecting on life and how you can control it. Stephens also published a brief piece about her interview with Jones for Parade. You can check out the interview with Howard Jones in the video below.

Howard Jones On Deciding Your Own Destiny

Author: Navi

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