Here’s Why 80s Settings Are Popular In TV Today

The 80s is a spectacular decade. The creativity that emerged during the era of entertainment and in the era as a whole was arguably unreachable in decades before it. That’s why we keep seeing the 80s settings appear in TV today. Don’t believe us? USA Today seems to feel the same way.

“More than a dozen current and upcoming series are set in the decade of Ronald Reagan and shoulder pads, a time when actual music videos played on MTV,” according to USA Today.

“There are plenty of reasons, with nostalgia topping the list. Many writers and producers came of age in that decade, as did many fortysomethings still in the prized young-adult demographic.”

In their breakdown the publication believes that meta iodes, real people and events, culture-shifting developments, stories with alternate timelines, Cold War references and more are the easy reasons to use the 80s settings for films and TV.

Quite frankly, TV and Film are still continuing to milk the decade for all that it is worth and fans of the decade such as ourselves, really think they should keep it coming. It helps us relive and awesome decade without constantly overplaying our own classics.

Instead, we have a new batch of future classics set in a past where almost anything was possible, creativity soared higher than ever and entertainment began to flourish.


Author: Navi

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