Did You Know? : My Buddy Doll Song Inspired A Violent Rap Song

Back in the 80s, the My Buddy Doll was a symbol of friendship and companionship. However, in 2009, the adorable theme song was turned into a pretty violent rap song. You can thank Mr. 50 Cent for that one. Let’s explain.

“My Buddy, My Buddy, where I go he goes. My Buddy My Buddy, I’ll teach him everything I know.” Those were the lyrics that played in the 1985 My Buddy Doll commercial that can be seen in the video below. It was all innocent and fun. My Buddy was a companion for the little one in the video. No harm there.

It was a pretty popular toy in the 80s and a lot of parents and grandparents were more than happy to grab one for their kids. It was sort of like a Cabbage Patch Kid for boys. They were pretty darn customizable.

Original My Buddy Doll Theme Song From 1985

With all that being said, the theme song was transformed by 50 Cent and his rap group G-Unit. Instead of talking about a doll for boys, their track titled, “My Buddy,” was based around guns.

In the video below, you can hear 50 Cent, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks rap about their favorite gun. The video is pretty self-explanatory and you can definitely hear a clear resemblance to the chorus for the song and the My Buddy Doll jingle.

Now, we all know that 80s pop culture and inspirations are pretty prevalent today. We do however, believe that if our parents knew what the harmless little My Buddy theme was turned into, they’d be a little terrified.

Author: Navi

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