Like Totally 80s – Let’s Get Married

Weddings in the 80s were times of formal table plans, tall, white church candles. And of course, big hair because that’s, like totally 80s. And to add to that big sleeves, big ruffles, big hats, and of course, an epically big train, and you’ve got a great start to your 80s wedding. By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll have all you need to plan the 80s wedding of your dreams!

Like Totally 80s – Let’s Get Married

Wedding-Dress-No.-11The Dress

Now every bride has to find her way, but the 80s bride knew what was important for the dress. And the sleeves, well, they were important. Long, and lacy or big, and puffy. These dresses had it all and the sleeves .

The Bouquetbad-bridesmaid-style-ugly-bridal-party-photos-wedding-fun-80s-blue.full

A cascade bouquet was the only way to go for a 1980s wedding. Filled with carnations, babies breath, and finished with draping ribbons, this was the must have look for the decade. Same went for the flowers the bridesmaids carried.

The Bridesmaids

Pastels, ruffles, sleeves, hair crowns, and lengths of all sizes were seen for bridesmaids in the 80s. And if they were lucky enough, they may even have a huge butt bow to finish off the look!

The Cake79741c224b410cd95685e4f2e4649e94

The 80s needed a big, big cake, and the more tiers, the better. And not only tiers, but a cake stand to out do all cake stands. Three, four, sometimes 5 tiers or more were needed for these luxurious, and dominating desserts.

The Foodaed27e8036f9a2b03ab4dc40f975c53d

Back to the basics was the theme of 1980s wedding food. Staple offerings included beef or fish. Soup and prawn cocktail were served as well, and as always, a medley of dessert, was offered.

The Entertainment

Bands, dancing, and a general party atmosphere was the way to enjoy yourself at an 80s wedding. You could dance the night away under balloon arches. But make sure you watch out for any rogue confetti thrown in celebration of the new couple.

So what do you think? An 80s wedding is the way to go, or you’d rather keep the DJ, cupcakes, and late-night pizza traditions of the most recent decade? Whatever you decide, this decade sure knew how to throw a party.

Author: Emily Rokke

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