Has 80s Nostalgia In Entertainment Reached Its Peak?

After last week’s majorly successful release of IT, it is hard to argue that 80s nostalgia in entertainment has peaked. 80s fans like us really appreciate it and welcome it because it helps us relive our golden years. Though for some, it could be reaching a breaking point.

Has 80s Nostalgia In Entertainment Reached Its Peak?

To get a sense of the amount of 80s nostalgia crammed into IT, we visit, Hollywood Reporter‘s Andy Crump’s article on the film and its use of 80s references.

“Sure, there’s a recurring gag about New Kids on the Block; yes, movie titles appear on the marquee for the lone theater in the film’s small town Maine setting, Lethal Weapon 2BatmanA Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child,” wrote Crump.

“But if you can’t tell ’80s fashion from fashion of any other point in time in American history, and if you aren’t paying attention to the obvious Easter eggs or blatant references to ’80s pop culture, It doesn’t read like an ’80s story the way that Stranger Things, for example, reads like an ’80s story.”

Simply put, the film really crammed plenty of 80s references into it, though, unless you actually grew up in the decade or had a huge obsession with it, it would most likely vanish over your head.

It’s the theory of 80s nostalgia being balanced and not being balanced at the same time. So no, we don’t believe that 80s nostalgia has reached its overall peak. Creative instances like this prove that you can still get plenty of value out of using the decade as an influence, even if it’s just the setting or music.

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