80s Office Fashion Ties Into The New Fashion Obsession

As of recently, there has been a real influx in the importance of office fashion. Whether it’s new styles or new cuts, office fashion is making a pretty huge comeback. 80s office fashion was most likely the greatest era for this niche market.

80s Office Fashion Ties Into The New Fashion Obsession

“Power dressing is still fraught with difficulty for women, of course, as the furore caused by Hillary Clinton’s scrunchies and Theresa May’s leather trousers proves,” according to The Guardian.

“But the suit is not the neat solution that it pretended to be in the 80s. Author and editor Tina Brown, a keen suit wearer until recently, says: ‘When I look back I see how very overdressed we were with bigger shoulders. There was a sense that we had to be almost aggressively put together to make a statement, which is not where we are now or where we want to be.'”

Power dressing was a staple in the 80s and plenty of women looked to high-end trends for guidance. Of course, the should pads were heavily used, at times maybe even overused, though the sense of power that was trying to be brought across really did come across with flying colors.

The Guardian‘s Hannah Marriott gave some pretty strong opinions on how today’s office fashion is transforming the looks from the 80s, into something much more powerful. We must note, she is not a fan of the shoulder pads.

“I’m glad that, for the most part, shoulder pads have gone the way of fax machines and Filofaxes. But I would wear a suit again,” said Marriott as she concluded her report.

We still hold shoulder pads near to our hearts, you just can’t help it.

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