80s Punk Rocker Henry Rollins Takes On The Hottest Wings

In the world of YouTube, there is a new show that pulls celebrities in for one of the most unorthodox interviews ever. The First We Feast channel, a subsidiary of Complex, hosted Henry Rollins on their special show titled, “Hot Ones.”

Rollins would have to answer questions about his life while eating wings coated in some of the hottest sauces on the market right now. The 80s punk rocker was an open book on the Hot Ones show. He took on sauces like Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce, Blair’s Megadeath Sauce With Liquid Rage, Zombie Apocalypse and plenty of other dangerously spicy sauces.

Rollins spoke about rock music, particularly music from the 80s as well as worldly experiences he has had traveling to countries like Iran, Egypt and more. Hot Ones host, Sean Evans also asked Rollins what his thoughts are on the influx of vintage-looking band apparel making its way to the clothing market.

The rocker insisted that anything that stands around long enough, gets absorbed. He also agreed that these pieces of clothing have gotten much more expensive over the years.

Some of the best reactions happened to be from tasting the sauces. He had plenty of trouble with the spicy nature of the sauces, as do many other guests on the show. Meanwhile, Rollins would later on reveal that he is actually really cheap in real life. How cheap? Well, Rollins described a lot of his meals being a half a bag of microwavable brown rice, two fried eggs sliced and a bit of soy sauce.

Besides the antics, Henry Rollins has a pretty unique way of looking at life. He also has a knack for noticing people and things that are “punk rock.” You can check out the entire Hot Ones interview with Henry Rollins in the video below.

80s Punk Rocker Henry Rollins Takes On The Hottest Wings

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