This 80s Thor: Ragnarok Movie Trailer is Hilarious

Modern day superhero movies are so digitally enhanced that they are lightyears ahead of those of the 80s. However, it still doesn’t stop some people from creating 80s-styled trailers. This 80s Thor: Ragnarok movie trailer is absolutely hilarious. Watch for a cameo we definitely found worthy of being in the trailer.

“Now, Nerdist has ratcheted up the ’80s nostalgia even more, cutting together a delightfully cheesy trailer complete with campy special effects and VHS static,” according to EW.

“Thor isn’t the first film, of course, to get the ’80s trailer treatment (see Blade Runner 2049, Star Wars: The Last Jedi), but this might be one of the best — especially with all the scenes replacing Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk with Lou Ferrigno.”

The nod to Ferrigno is pretty awesome as The Incredible Hulk show was such a popular go-to for many. The show ran from 1978-1982, so, it does share two decades. We like to think the 80s half was the coolest.

Trailers such as the one below reminds us that even the new films can’t escape a little 80s remix right? The 80s is being sprinkled into everything, whether it’s official or not. The trailer below will give you just that right amount of nostalgia and humor to get your Wednesday flowing properly.

You can check out the 80s Thor: Ragnarok movie trailer below. Thor: Ragnarok is expected to hit theaters on November 3. Let us know what you think about the trailer in the comments section below.

80s Thor: Ragnarok Movie Trailer

Author: Navi

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