Is It Time To Stop Saying The 80s Are Back In Film?

We have been guilty of one thing here at Like Totally 80s. That one thing happens to be saying that the 80s are back when referring to new films. The truth is, for the 80s to be back, it would have had to have left in the first place. It never really did and it is continuing to flourish in new films.

Is It Time To Stop Saying The 80s Are Back In Film?

When Stranger Things hit Netflix all folks could talk about was the 80s influence on the show. Though, there have been titles such as Evil Dead that made a return quite some time before that. Over the years, films have had a little 80s sprinkled in, whether it be the setting or being a reboot of an 80s classic.

It happens to be this way for a couple of reasons. One of the number one reasons that always seems to pop up is nostalgia. Nostalgia is one of the biggest driving factors when trying to sell a product today. If it’s not a vintage style it’s a TV show or film that is being brought back specifically targeting those who tuned in during the decade. With original viewers and new curious viewers, you’ve already reached a dedicated fanbase.

In addition to nostalgia, the free-spirit and trend-heavy nature of the 80s allows for a tone of creative leeway. Think about all of the incredible storylines that came from the 80s. Much of the Sci-Fi features we enjoy today are inspired by ones that were born in the 80s. The music, the clothes, the culture and even the political climate at times made the 80s a decade filled with fresh content.

That content has been recycled plenty of times over the years and quite frankly, it has made for some pretty successful films. So, the 80s isn’t back in films. It has always been present, we’re just only now starting to take a closer note of it.

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