This Celebration of Toto’s ‘Africa’ is the Best Thing Ever

When you have a favorite tune, more so, favorite 80s tune what do you do? You sing/scream it at the top of your lungs when it comes on. Well, one town in England is going to do just that to celebrate their love for. Toto‘s “Africa.”

“Crowds are proposing to gather by the fountain in the city centre on October 28 from 7.30pm. Their motive? Well it seems to be just about pure love for the ‘greatest power ballad ever,'” according to the Leicester Mercury.

“If you all like the best song from the 80s, get emotional at the point of the night it’s played when you are all completely p****d or if you just simply like listening to this banger, come down and let’s create something beautiful, open invite, the more the merrier,” reads the event post.

Now, it’s very hard not to love Toto’s “Africa” and in fact, we also consider it to be one of the greatest power ballads of the 80s. Though, dedication of this magnitude is absolutely commendable. We here at Like Totally 80s love those who celebrate the decade and this gathering of Toto fans is exactly that, a celebration of the 80s.

80s music continues to live on in full force. Don’t believe us? Well, just take this event for example. It’s a bunch of people of all ages celebrating a song from the 80s in 2017. The 80s has never died and with celebrations like this to keep it alive, it never shall.

Check out the music video for Toto’s “Africa” below.

“Africa” By Toto


Author: Navi

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