‘Dynasty’ Is Already Being Compared to the Original

Dynasty has yet to premiere on The CW but that hasn’t stopped critics from already jumping into comparing it to the original 1981 show. So, what exactly is the word that these critics are using? “Trashy.”

‘Dynasty’ Is Already Being Compared to the Original

“If you’re remembering any of the above, you never saw the original ‘Dynasty,’ one of the great trashy nighttime soaps of the ’80s, premiering in 1981,” writes David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The new ‘Dynasty,’ premiering on Wednesday, Oct. 11, is set in modern times. Blake Carrington hasn’t aged a day since John Forsythe played him. In fact, he’s gotten younger and is portrayed by Grant Show. His gay son, Steven (James Mackay), and conniving, spoiled daughter, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies), haven’t aged either, but Alexis isn’t around, nor is Krystle Carrington. There is a Cristal, though, played by Nathalie Kelley, and she is engaged to Blake, much to Fallon’s displeasure.”

From the trailers for the latest CW drama, we actually see a bit of this battle take place. The show is pretty racy from the previews alone, so, one can only imagine what the real show is like.

It’s clear that “Dynasty” was a love or hate show. If you liked scandal and drama and catfights between a stepdaughter and stepmother, that was the show for you.

What’s even clearer today is that the new version of the show sounds like it is packing just as much as the aforementioned entertainment. Well, if you need to find out for yourself, you can check out “Dynasty” when it premieres on Wednesday, October 11.

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