The Nightmare on Elm Street, Review and Quiz

Freddy Krueger might be the first of the horror guys I have seen, and I have to say, he’s pretty creepy. And the thought that he just came to kill during dreams is terrifying. The Nightmare on Elm Street is unlike the others I have seen in that it truly has that menacing, unsettling factor as you watch it.

First of all, I “sleep through” my fair share of nightmares. If I remember dreaming,  9/10 times it’s a nightmare, making this movie all to real for me. The scariest parts really were eerie, and even if they didn’t make you scream out loud or jump, they certainly give you the creeps.nightmare-on-elm-stree_5

When Tina dies the scene is undoubtedly scary, full of gore, and has the creep factor. He cuts off his own fingers and pee-colored puss comes squirting out of them. Eww, I get the shivers just thinking about it. The when he’s on top of her “under the sheets” she tries to hold his face away from her and it comes off in a “sheet.” It’s when she is killed, by way of  violently gutted and thrown around the room, that’s the worst.

And Glen getting swallowed up by his own bed and then blood shooting out like a geyser? I mean, that is the stuff of nightmares. For a flashback, enjoy this trailer from the film:

The Nightmare on Elm Street Quiz

This 80s horror was Johnny Depp’s first film and also inspired by real-life events. Did you know that? What else do you remember from this movie? You should take this quiz and test your knowledge of all things The Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Author: Emily Rokke

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