80s Shoulder Pads Won’t Go Away

When it comes to 80s shoulder pads, we should probably stop trying to get rid of them. Why? Because every time we do, some modern day celebrity decides to make a fashion statement by bringing them back.

80s Shoulder Pads Won’t Go Away

That is exactly what former One Direction member, Harry Styles did at a recent show. He brought them back and even added a few elements of the 70s for a dual decade flashback.

“Shoulder pads. There, we said it. Made famous by the business magnates of the booming 80s and dirty disco floors of the late 70s, shoulder pads have since become a dirty word in the world of modern men’s suiting (and probably the general population),” according to DMarge.

“History always tends to repeat itself though and after decades of absence in the male wardrobe, Harry Styles is looking to be the man to single-handedly revive it. At the recent Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai, the British singer stepped out in a retro-inspired suit complete with Miami Vice pastel hues.”

It’s definitely an interesting fashion choice, especially for a show that focuses the majority of their efforts on lingerie. Nonetheless, it didn’t seem to stop the crowd from going crazy of the pop sensation.

“The fit around the mid-torso is actually tapered in like a modern slim fit before it broadens out drastically towards the shoulders,” the report continues.

“This iconic look is further anchored with flared trousers which actually isn’t as hardcore as the Brady Bunch, but still a decent throwback to yesteryear.”

Iconic? Yeah definitely. However, if we really took a vote on it, we’re willing to be this style would be better off kept in the 80s.

Author: Navi

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