Can Fanny Packs Make A Comeback?

Many vintage fashions from the 80s have made a complete comeback in present day. However, there is one that often teeters on the edge of a full comeback. Fanny packs. Is it possible that the fanny pack can make a complete comeback?

Can Fanny Packs Make A Comeback?

On Halloween? Heck yeah the fanny pack makes a comeback but how many people actually use one as a functional fashion piece? Not many right? Today, function is actually a very popular element when considering fashion.

With all of the latest gadgets coming out people need places to store them. Sure, cargo pants are excellent options, however, they are pretty bulky. So, why not go with a fanny pack? Forget what the cool kids say, we all know this is really where it’s at in terms of cool.


A recent report, “3 Fashion Trends from the ’80s Trying to Make a Comeback,” hinted that fanny packs are among one of those fashion trends trying to sneak its way back into relevance.

“Joggers and tourists would never be seen without one back in the day and now they are becoming cool again, kinda,” according to the report.

In essence, all 80s style have the ability to make a return. Today, our popular culture is being built off of popular culture from the ’80s. Take the weary reference of Stranger Things for example. Everything about it screams ’80s and millennials are eating it up. If a show can inspire this amount of passion, who knows what else today’s culture will revisit.  We see fanny packs in the near future.

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