Is the Ferrari 288 GTO the Greatest 80s Sports Car?

Between 1984 and 1987 an absolute beauty of an automobile was produced. That car was the Ferrari 288 GTO and it makes the case for being one of the greatest sports cars of the decade.

Is the Ferrari 288 GTO the Greatest 80s Sports Car?

“The Ferrari 308 was one of the poster stars of the 1980s and had a starring role as Tom Selleck’s daily runabout in the wonderfully trippy television show Magnum P.I,” according to Telegraph.

“But this car is different from the one seen over and again on bedroom walls and TV screens. A closer look shows wing mirrors up on stalks, like little flags. There is also a wider rear end that accommodates huge fat rear tires needed to transfer vast amounts of power from engine to tarmac, and spoilers to keep everything pinned to the ground.”

It’s true, this car was built with the intent to both impress, shock and even scare those who laid eyes on it.

If you could find one in that classic Ferrari rosso corsa color, you’d definitely be a big man on campus. Of course the car came with a hefty price but not nearly as hefty as what some models are going for today.

According to the article, a 288 GTO in excellent condition is able to fetch price tags in upwards of the seven figures range. If that’s not impressive we don’t know what else to tell ya.

Of course, we can’t really give this ride the crown. It’s way too hard to pick one single vehicle from the 80s to crown the top dog. Though, you still have to admire this incredible machine.


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