Full House: The Year was 1987 and it was the Tanners First Thanksgiving

It’s been 30 years since Jesse, Joey, and Danny had their first Thanksgiving in Full House. This Thanksgiving was the first without the girls’ mom and Danny is Hell bent on making it perfect.

Full House: The Year was 1987 and it was the Tanners First Thanksgiving

Full of holiday angst, sadness, and a Traditional turkey dinner, it was the first holiday the Tanners spent together.

Danny starts the day waking up Jesse and Joey to help gather and prepare the feast. Danny tells them his mom is snowed in and the guys are in it all themselves. Joey says they can make anything happen and calls it “The Miracle of Thanksgiving.”

If there’s one thing we can all agree about Thanksgiving, it’s that most finished tables are filled with lots of food. And the food hasn’t changed much since the 80s: You can see all of the following, ready and waiting to be cooked, filling up the Tanners table:maxresdefault (2)

Ready-made gravy and so much more.

After trying to decipher a recipe and realizing they are in over their heads, the guys are ready to throw in the towel and make a dinner reservation.

But when DJ and Stephanie come into the kitchen, the whole family comes together, and decides to do it together. Everyone puts in their best efforts and gets the meal to the table.

Unfortunately, the turkey is still frozen and DJ is really upset. Then, Stephanie drops the picture perfect pumpkin pie and they’re both really upset.

Danny and DJ talk and Stephanie and Jesse reminisce about Pam and everyone decides to dig in and eat as much of the dinner they can, anyhow.

Hopefully your dinner comes out picture perfect and your holiday is, too. In the words of Uncle Joey, enjoy, “The Miracle of Thanksgiving!” To see this episode, find Full House Season 1 Episode 9, and enjoy!

Author: Emily Rokke

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