The 80s Perm is Revisited in A Vogue Tribute

Does it really get anymore 80s than a perm? There are arguments we know, however, there is no denying the fact that the 80s perm was a staple of the decade and a go-to for many. In a recent article, Vogue revisited the 80s perm that was rocked by stars in films such as Flashdance.

The 80s Perm is Revisited in A Vogue Tribute

“In the opening minutes of Permanent, a new comedy hitting screens big and small this Friday, a collection of hair-themed references—banana clips, Sun-In, Charlie’s Angels—grounds the plot squarely in the rear-view mirror,” according to Vogue.

“1982, to be precise. Thirteen-year-old Aurelie (played by a winsome Kira McLean) is the gangly new kid in town facing a swarm of mean girls, and all she wants are the Farrah Fawcett wings of her dreams. So comes the fateful pitch: ‘Mom, can I get a permanent?'”

Sounds like the makings of a pretty awesome film if you ask us. So, in honor of all of the great 80s heroines who chose to rock the look for their films, Vogue put together a slideshow that would make any 80s fan proud.

“Sarah Jessica Parker tries on curls and a crop top for a TV dance contest in Girls Just Want to Have Fun, while Jennifer Grey’s mophead is made to rumba in Dirty Dancing,” according to the article.

“Early Julia Roberts, with that lioness mane, steals hearts in Mystic Pizza; Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Susan Sarandon—equally brilliant, equally wild-haired—weave a different sort of spell in The Witches of Eastwick.”

The publication also has a neat slideshow included in their feature. If you want to check it out, simply click here.

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