Pasadena is Home to an 80s Gamer’s Heaven

We absolutely love to hear about amazing places in the world where an 80s fan can roam free and feel as if they are in the decade again. While strolling through the web we came across a report which highlighted a very awesome retro arcade in Pasadena, California.

Pasadena is Home to an 80s Gamer’s Heaven

“As soon as you walk into the Neon Retro Arcade in Pasadena, California, you’re transported back in time,” writes CNET‘s Mariel Myers.

“Even before laying hands on a joystick, the simultaneous sounds from 50 classic games — PacMan eating dots, Qbert jumping on squares, Mario dodging barrels — hit you and bring the 1980s back to life in all its noisy, neon glory.”

That description alone sounds like an 80s gamer’s heaven. This isn’t like a Dave and Busters. It’s a full blown collection of 80s arcade games and so much more. At Neon Retro Arcade, Myers states players are shoulder to shoulder enjoying these classic games, just like the old days.

“When Mark and Mia Guenther first opened Neon Retro Arcade about three years ago, people told them they were crazy. But the couple had already seen proof the games can bridge generations,” according to the report.

“We knew that there was a large appetite out there to play these classics. It was really a way for us to preserve them as well. We really felt like … there wasn’t a whole lot of effort being made to make sure that they kind of stayed alive.”

It’s just amazing to think about different generations sharing something in common and at times bonding over it. To hear more about Mark and Mia Guenther’s journey to opening Neon Retro Arcade, click here.

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